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Giramar Consulting

Profile of the Member

Responsible person for the networkHarald Korn
Name of managing partner(s), executive director(s)Harald Korn, Mari Ellestad, Andreas Wettre
Total number of consultants5
Number of associate management consultants (at least one entire assignment together)2


We base our work on a number of different proven methodologies and approaches – in addition to our own performance principles. At the heart of our thinking lies the concept of appreciative inquiry.

Corporate strategy
Marketing & sales strategy
Mergers & acquisitions
Organisational design & leadership
Change management
Capability building

Type of clients/branches (industry areas)

Investment goods, real estate, energy, raw materials
IT, telecommunication
Banking, finance and insurance
Service industries, entertainment, tourism, health
Consumer goods, food and agriculture

International practice (foreign countries where assignments were completed; in order of priority)

  • Germany
  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Switzerland
  • France
  • Italy
  • Brazil
  • Finland

Language ability in the firm

  • German
  • English
  • Norwegian
  • Swedish
  • French
  • Hebrew

International certification

All our employees hold a number of different certifications and are Certified Management Consultants, Certified Coaches, and certified to use a number of different assessment and analysis tools both on individual, team and organisational level.

Mission statement / consulting philosophy

We believe in the virtue of exposure and personal experience. We share a fate of having a balanced experience of line management as well as consultancy. We have been out there. Stood our ground. Taken the heat. And we have honed our skills through working closely with our clients as their trusted process facilitators, advisers, coaches and mentors.

We base our work on a number of different proven methodologies and approaches – in addition to our own performance principles. At the heart of our thinking lies the concept of appreciative inquiry. We believe in the powers of interpersonal communication and dialogue; how people talk has implications for who we become and what we can do as individuals. We also regard everything in a systemic perspective. Everything is systemic – everything interacts with (affects and is affected by) the things around it – systemic insights into complex situations and problems. We do not deal with the parts of a situation in isolation; we deal with them in concert – both the elements of a situation and how they interact with one another.

Credentials (short description of some typical assignments)


Nordic Management Team (NMT) development process, plus development process for next level managers. Duration 12 months. Assignment goals and outcome:

1. Bring the team together; Establish team purpose and understand the development phases of teams.

2. Identify and agree on a desired culture; how to act as a team and what behaviours we must be able to expect from each other.

3. Develop necessary leadership skills

4. Identify and develop increased mutual trust

5. To become a high performing team


All-encompassing leadership development process, covering the senior management team, next level leaders & all employees. In total 185 people participating.

Duration 2 years.

Assignment goals and outcome:

1. Become highly effective in terms of delivering results

2. Achieve alignment, consistency & predictability

3. Understand individual working preferences, communication styles, cultural orientations

4. Build a supporting atmosphere of mutual respect and trust

5. Expand the mind for strategic and tactical leadership thinking



(a leading European energy company) Scenario Development process & revised

Mission and Vision. Duration 9 months

The major outcome of the process was:

1. Changed thinking

2. Informed narratives or stories about plausible futures

3. Improved decision making about the future

4. Enhanced human and organisational learning and imagination

Selection of important and well known clients (location)

Hydro Aluminium (Norway, Germany, Brazil, France)
ABB (Switzerland, Brazil, Sweden, Germany)
Gjensidige Bank (Norway)
Tieto (Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark)
Bilfinger (Norway)
Sapa (Norway, Denmark, Sweden)

Partners / senior consultants short profile


Harald is the founder and owner of the Giramar group of companies. He currently shares his time between the newly started endeavor to develop Giramar AS into a substantial player in the Norwegian boating industry and continued consulting work in Giramar Consulting AS.  Throughout his entire career, Harald has been actively involved in transformation processes with leading European multinationals. The projects include scenario development and strategic planning, global restructuring and implementation, as well as leadership development and coaching of senior management teams. During the last 35 years, Harald has worked extensively with industries like Engineering, Shipping, Off-shore EPCIC, Aluminium, Energy, IT and Banking. Harald is married, has three children, and lives in Asker, Norway.


Mari has broad experience from developing leaders and management teams and has a special interest for the power of conversations in organisations, and how conversations are a premise for driving change, creating stability and delivering outstanding results through people. With this as a basis, she is helping leaders and management teams develop their ability to ask the right questions at the right time and find the balance between involvement and setting direction. Mari has been supporting leaders and management teams on all levels, in industries like Insurance, Banking & Finance, Engineering and Energy. Before becoming a consultant, Mari spent several years as head of department in a technology driven company with responsibility for competence development and information flow. Her theoretical background lies in business development, change management and innovation, and she is certified Executive Coach by DNCF.
Mari joined Giramar Consulting early 2018 and holds the position of Managing Director and Senior Consultant. Mari lives in Oslo, Norway, with her boyfriend and their son.


The last 20 years, Andreas has been combining the latest research with management team's actual business cases to single out what critical competencies that needs to be improved in order to lift the team to the next level, and then supporting them to get there. He has extensive experience working with management teams in mid-sized and big companies, in industries like Insurance, Engineering, Banking & Finance, Energy and IT.
Andreas joined Giramar early 2017. With a strong passion for both sailing and developing management teams, Andreas shares his time between our two companies - developing a new business within the boating industry, and helping executive management teams from ambitions to results. Andreas also teaches at Høyskolen Kristiania and The Oslo School of Architecture and design which ensure that he is oriented of what happens in the academic world.
Andreas has a technical background, and was CEO and Marketing Director in engineering, sales and headhunting before becoming a management consultant. Andreas is married, has one son, and lives in Oslo, Norway.
Giramar Consulting
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